How much weight will I lose on this diet?


Average weight loss is 9-12 lbs for each completed cleanse diet. If followed strictly, combined with at least 20 min exercise a day, we have users who have lost over 20 lbs in 10 days!


How many days is this diet?


Its a 10 day diet.


Can I eat on the cleanse days?


No. We do not recommend it. If you feel you must eat, then please look at our suggestions, in the members area for ideas.


Is everyday a cleanse day?


No. That would be tough. Only a few days are cleanse days, the rest are meal days. We have 100 low calorie meal ideas for you to choose from.


Can I drink alcohol on this diet?


No. We do not recommend it, it kind of goes against what you are trying to achieve.


Can I drink coffee?


We do not recommend drinking coffee on the cleanse days, but when you get to the meal days, you can. Just do not add sugar, or cream to your coffee. Use an honey instead of sugar or you could try stevia (available from nutrition stores up to 300 times sweeter than sugar & natural!), or drink black.


Is this type of diet safe? Cleansing?


This is a great question, and asked often. Yes! This diet is very safe, as we use natural products for your cleansing days, where as a lot of diets use preservative filled cleansing formulas.


People believe that any time you go without food for more than a day, its not safe, but our body's are extremely well designed and the fact of the matter is, its more dangerous NOT to cleanse out toxins in the body. Another fact is when you combine short cleansing with dieting, the results are WAY better than dieting in the traditional sense.


A traditional diet (without cleansing before) is like taking your car to the carwash and NOT spraying with a high-pressure sprayer before you start scrubbing it with the foam brush? Cleansing before dieting is like spraying your car with a sprayer, and then scrubbing it down. The results are going to be far greater, RIGHT?


The cleanse days, are preparation for a mass exodus of stored fat.  With this cleanse diet, you are cleansing for 2 days in a row, so there is no need to be worried.


Can I do cleanses back to back?


Absolutely! We only recommended 2 cleanses back to back, followed by a month off following our post diet weight management plan in the members area. Most users do the 10 day cleanse take a week off, and then do another.



Can I send you some of my meal ideas I came up with while on the diet?

 Absolutely! In fact we have added many ideas from our users. Email them to admin@geniediet.com



I work on the road, can I follow this diet?

Absolutely! The best thing to do, is make 3-4 servings in the morning, or before work, pour into a thermos, or container, re-heat if you can, or drink cold. After your cleanse days, you can bring your meals along as well.



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