Isagenix cleanse Diet vs. The Genie Cleanse Diet
You may have reached this page through a friend who has had amazing success with the isagenix program, or while searching for another company that also promotes a  cleanse diet. Either way, we appreciate you visiting!!
 Unlike other cleanse diets, the genie cleanse diet does NOT sell you product that has to be used for our diet, nor do we promote any memberships, or wholesale opportunities. We will not call you, or email you to death trying to get you to become a monthly wholesale member.
 Our idea was simple, research cleansing, and dieting and put together an amazing, yet simple cleanse diet program, that can be completed in 10-days. In addition to that, we wanted to make sure that this diet was inexpensive in comparison  to other cleanse diets, and without preservative laden products. With our program, all  ingredients can be found at your local grocery store.
 We also made it simple, you don't have to cook elaborate things, or count the calories down to the last one...the Genie Cleanse Diet is for everyone who wants to see fast results*, safely and without spending a small fortune having to buy product month in month out.
I have used Isagenix, in fact I have completed 2, 9 day cleanses. I lost a total of 24lbs. I have since gained back 10lbs simply because I could not afford to continue buying the product every month. But I do commend their program for my net weight loss of 14lbs.
The Isagenix idea is quite simple actually, 4 cleanse days, and 5 meal days. The first 2 days are your cleansing days, you mix their cleanse formula (4 ounces) with water, 4 times a day, for 2 days, take some intestine cleansing pills and drink 6-8 glasses of water, nothing else. After your second cleanse day, you begin days 3,4,5,6,7, these days consist of 3 meals, 2 of which are in a shake form, and the remaining one must be less than 600 calories. Once you make it to day 8 you are now cleansing again, through day 9.
This is Isagenix's 9 day cleanse diet. The cleanse formula is a mixture of aloe Vera, teas, and other ingredients you can find on their website. Unfortunately preservatives are also in this mixture. Our cleanse mixture is preservative free, all natural.
Recognizing that I will have to continue to spend hundreds a month to maintain my weight with their "maintenance for life program" I conceded that I would have to find an alternative. Hence the discovery of the Genie Diet!
The main reason why I wanted to continue using a cleanse diet, and not diet in the traditional sense is because the way Isagenix, and the Genie Diet are designed with cleansing is absolutely 100% essential to maximum real weight loss.
 Your body becomes clogged in a sense over time with ugly stuff. This ugly stuff promotes weight gain, by eliminating it, you will feel better, and enable the body to lose fat more efficiently than ANY traditional diet. And this is why cleanse diets work so well, so fast.
The Genie Cleanse diet is very similar to Isagenix's diet, except I have researched and found a natural, preservative free cleanse formula where the ingredients are at your local grocery store. These ingredients help in cleansing the body of harmful toxins, and the ugly stuff making way for fast, safe weight loss. In addition, I have found alternatives to Isagenix's meals.
Through trial and error the Genie Diet has become a reality.
I got the same results as I did on the Isagenix diet, and as you scroll down others have to, but not for hundreds of dollars each time.

The Genie Diet WILL

  • Help you lose weight
  • Help you maintain weight loss
  • List low calorie meal Ideas
  • Help you regain your old self
  • Guarantee results in 10 days

The Genie Diet Will NOT

  • Break the bank
  • Takes days to arrive, but be available to you INSTANTLY!
  • Contain any preservatives
  • Try to sell you a "Wholesale Membership"
  • Contact you about becoming a "Associate"
  • Leave you wondering "What can I eat on this diet?"
"I was 255 lbs, and with the help of the genie cleanse, I was able to start immediately after purchasing, and lost 19 lbs in 11 days.

    - Richard Donnell, CA


"I have completed other cleanses at a great cost financially. I wish I had found the Genie Cleanse, before committing to the other one. I spent nearly 400.00 for a month's worth of product...when I could have spent just 34 bucks on the same thing!!
- Gayle Givens, NY
"Thank you genie Diet. I lost 11 lbs on your program, and I'm looking to do another cleanse in a few days. I love your meal ideas as well!!"

     - Lisa Rabana, UT










At anytime you can visit Isagenix's main site here if you wish to compare diets, and price, or look below as we have already compared diets and price.


We are not out to knock Isagenix, its a great product and does produce results but you will find, as we did, the cost is extreme and each time you want to cleanse, you have to buy all over again. The Genie Cleanse Diet is yours for life, no re purchasing our Diet Plan, just buying the cleanse formula ingredients when ever you want to cleanse for about $5-$10.


The Genie Diet comes electronically and instantly. Immediately after securing this diet, you will gain access to our members area where you will have instant access to the diet, Genie approved food list, post diet program, and much, much more. Do as many cleanse as you wish. We also include 100 healthy low calorie meal plans to help you through.



When we were reviewing diets online, we found that a majority of them had a few things in common, but not all things at the same time. They were


  • Expensive initial cost
  • Expensive continued cost
  • Little Support
  • Preservative filled Pre-Planned Meals
  • NO exercise directions
  • Multi-Level Marketing systems
  • Enrollment opportunities
  • Membership fees to get better price


Lets compare The Genie Cleanse Diet to Isagenix
Diet Cost Ongoing Costs? Membership costs? Money Back Guarantee? Delivery time Lbs Lost
ISAGENIX 9-Day = $164.95
30-Day= $349.00

NOT Incl. Shipping,  or Tax.


$164.95 for each additional 9 day cleanse & $349.00 for each additional 30 day cleanse, not including shipping, or tax.

*$36 dollars When You Signup For Monthly Auto ship


*$49 Without Monthly Auto ship



Yes. minus shipping 3-5 days Weight loss is between 9lb & 18lbs in 9 days
Average loss is 7lbs/week
Genie Diet Plan $27.95


Including shipping & Tax


The plan is yours for life No more repurchasing.




Yes 100%

Instantly. The Genie Diet is delivered electronically. Weight loss is between 9lb & 18lbs in 10 days. Average loss is 7lbs/week



With Our Program You Will receive The Necessary Tools To maximize Your Diet, in turn Losing maximum Weight.

When You Secure The Genie Diet You Will Receive...

Instant Access To The Genie Diet
Lifetime Access To Members Area
100+ Genie Approved Low Calorie Meal Ideas
Post Diet Maintenance Program
"My Diet" Section. Track Your Weight Loss!


Genie Approved Food List 100+ items
Genie Approved Snack List

Easy Exercise's,  even For lazy Couch Potatoes!
Hassle Free 100% 8 week Money Back Guarantee

ONLY $27.95

For Your Convenience We Accept




**When you click the buttons above, you will be taken to a secure payment page. After payment is completed, you will be taken to a secure page to choose your member area log in details, after which you can log into our members area and begin your cleanse diet at anytime.

*** At nearly $200 to start the 9 day cleanse with Isagenix, doesn't it make sense to at least try our 27.95 program? If it doesn't work for you, then simply email us for a refund.





Or visit our frequently asked questions page HERE


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